1. How do I become a part of Hemp Health News?

Contact us today so we can discuss your goals and what aspect you would like to be involved in.  We can help you start a legal cannabis business in the US and the EU now, with other countries opening as laws quickly change.   

2. How do I learn more about how CBD works with my condition?

Go to www.echoconnection.orgto learn more about what research scientists have published about CBD and a condition you are concerned with. ECHO connection is a non-profit organization Kannaway partneres with to provide access to CBD to families and children in need. The results have been remarkable!

3. What is the difference between CBD from hemp and CBD from marijuana?

 For our bodies, CBD is the same no matter where it comes from.  It is made to trigger our endocannabinoid systems to achieve homeostasis in our bodies, taking care of many of the issues we are dealing with naturally.  The difference here is purity, safety and legality.  The source of your CBD is very important in the world we live in today.

4. Are these products safe for my children and pets?

es, our products are absolutely safe for your whole family.  Adjusting the serving size for children and choosing the best type of product is important. We have a complete Pet line too.

5. What is triple lab testing and why is it important?

We want to make sure that anything you are giving to your family is non-toxic, free of heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals. We developed strict safety and purity testing standards before they existed in the industry. It is vital to test at each phase of product development and production. 

6. Why do you choose to import your CBD hemp oil vs. growing it in the US?

The founders of our company created the legal pipeline from Europe to the US over 6 years ago, working with our governmental agencies to gain an exception to the DEA ruling on CBD, hemp and cannabis.  ONLY CBD that is imported from Europe is legally allowed to be sold in all 50 states.  CBD from hemp or cannabis grown in the US can only remain in the state that it was grown, so therefore, cannot be legally shipped anywhere else.

7. How do I set up a Kannaway customer account to purchase products?

 If you would like to become a Kannaway customer, you can order on the links provided here. There are benefits to being a customer and options that we can discuss with you to get you the right products in a timely manner.

8. How do I become a Kannaway Brand Ambassador and start this as a business?

That would be great!  Please contact me  and let's discuss your goals and I'd be honored to help you get started.   Its as easy as 1.2.3! A BA fee of $54.98, and choosing your CBD product enrollment package. There's detailed training materials built in to your replicated website.  We offer full support for our team here at Hemp Health News and can bring you in to a community of people who help support you on the journey.

9. I am a natural health practitioner looking for information and support, where do I go?

Many health professionals are joining our team to have the freedom to recommend the products that they believe in.  Contact us for help getting started and to speak to others in your field.  

10. No matter what your previous or current job is, the legal CBD industry is booming and were looking to help anyone who is excited to help others get educated and learn about the amazing the health benefits of CBD and what it's like to own your own online Cannabis business!  Most careers in other industries translate well in the Hemp cannabis industry and your expertise will come in handy here.